Market and Technology Trends

Magnetic Sensor 2022

By Yole Intelligence

Electrification and sensorization of cars and promising consumer applications will drive the magnetic sensor market to $4.5B in 2027

Key features

  • Market data and forecasts for 2018-2027 in units, US$ by end-markets, by magnetic sensor functions, by key applications, and by technology, including Hall, AMR, GMR, TMR and others
  • Magnetic sensor main trends and market drivers in Automotive & Mobility, Consumer, and Industrial & Infrastructure
  • Competitive landscape with player market shares by technology and market, supply chain analysis and market dynamics
  • Technology descriptions and comparisons, main trends, and focus on magnetic current sensors

What's new

  • Updated market data and forecasts in US$ and units for the period 2018-2027
  • Detailed market breakdown per application, per function and per end-system
  • 2021 estimated magnetic sensor stakeholders’ revenue breakdown per end-market and latest released products.
  • Updated market trends in Automotive & Mobility, Consumer, and Industrial & Infrastructure
  • Key trends at the technology level including Hall, AMR, GMR and TMR and focus on the promising current sensing magnetic sensor function

Report objectives

  • Provide an understanding of the magnetic sensors business in three end-markets: Automotive & Mobility, Consumer, and Industrial & Infrastructure, with detailed breakdowns per application or end-system.
  • Present the main market drivers and their influence on the magnetic sensor business.
  • Explore the ecosystem’s development: main players and their portfolios, estimated revenues per end-market and per magnetic sensor function
  • Provide in-depth understanding of magnetic sensor technology trends

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