Market and Technology Trends

Microphones, Microspeakers, and Audio Processing 2021

By Yole Intelligence

New audio functions like active noise cancellation, 3D audio and beam forming are expanding the audio market and adding audio processing to microphones, microspeakers, codecs, and amplifiers.

What's new

• Voice as an interface is expanding
• True Wireless Stereo (TWS) markets are growing strongly
• Automotive-grade microphone use is multiplying for Road-Noise Active Noise Control (RANC) and infotainment
• MEMS microspeakers are developing at new startups
• AI accelerators are increasingly used for audio edge processing applications
• Standalone audio AI processors are not gaining popularity

Key features

• Market forecasts of microphones, microspeakers, and consumer audio ICs through 2026
• Market trends of microphones, microspeakers, and audio ICs
• Supply chain for microphones, MEMS microspeakers, and audio ICs
• Technology description of microphones, MEMS microspeakers, and audio ICs

Report objectives

To analyze major technological trends:

• Developments in existing technologies such as performance and price
• Insights into emerging technologies

To enable a thorough understanding of the value chain, infrastructure, and players for the microphone, MEMS microspeaker and audio IC market:

• Extensive listing of sensor manufacturers worldwide and their technology portfolios
• List of key integrators worldwide
• Industrial supply chain information for each application

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