Market and Technology Trends

MiniLED 2022: LCD Backlights and Direct View LED Displays

By Yole Intelligence

MiniLEDs will thrive in direct view LED displays, but continuous OLED improvements are closing the window of opportunity for some LCD backlight applications.

Key features

  • Volume forecasts with breakdowns by technology for TV, notebooks, tablets, monitors, automotive and virtual reality headsets
  • Cost analysis against OLED for all major applications
  • Area and revenue forecast for narrow pixel pitch direct view LED displays
  • Epiwafer forecasts
  • Technology trends and challenges: modules, substrates, driving scheme and implementation with standard drivers, minidrivers and TFT
  • MiniLED equipment for assembly and repair processes

What's new

  • Updated forecast for miniLED LCD backlights and narrow pixel pitch direct view LED displays
  • Extensive discussion on miniLED assembly technologies and equipment makers
  • Detailed supply chain with more than 100 companies listed, major investments, recent news, partnerships etc.
  • Thorough technology analysis: chip architecture, glass and PCB substrates, AM and PM driving implementations, optical stack, halo effect in backlights, packaging type for direct view LED displays

Product objectives

  • Detailed analysis of miniLED technologies in LCD backlights and direct view LED displays
  • Which applications can miniLED address and when? How disruptive are they for incumbent technologies?
  • Understand the competitive landscape: identify the key players and how value is transferred along the supply chain?
  • Understand miniLED display technologies: benefits and drawbacks vs other display technologies, drivers and challenges for adoption
  • Understand cost structures and all key technology bricks: LED chip size, architecture, active or passive matrix driving, module substrates including glass, PCB and TFT

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