Technology, Process and Cost

Skyworth – Chip-on-Glass miniLED Q72 TV 75”

By Yole SystemPlus

In-depth technical and cost analysis of the miniLED backlight unit on a glass circuit board and its assembly


Key Features

  • Detailed optical and SEM photos
  • Precise measurements
  • Materials analysis
  • Manufacturing process flow
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Estimated selling price
  • Comparison between Samsung Monitor and TV and Apple iPad Pro and TCL TV

What's new

The Skyworth technology is very interesting because of the glass circuit board and the active-matrix architecture. The comparison between the Skyworth TV, TVs from Samsung and TCL, and Apple’s iPad is very informative as it highlights the technology choices of the four actors in material, BLU structure, and driver architecture.

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