Market and Technology Trends

Next-Generation DRAM 2024 - Focus on HBM and 3D DRAM

By Yole Intelligence

HBM market set to soar to $14B in 2024 driven by generative AI and HPC


Key Features 

  • Overview of the semiconductor memory market with focus on DRAM.
  • Description of key technology trends and R&D activities by suppliers, such as CBA and 4F2 DRAM, monolithic 3D DRAM, processing-in-memory (PiM) and HBM.
  • Market forecast for DRAM in terms of wafer production, bit shipments, bit demand, capex and more.
  • Analysis of ongoing and future DRAM technology transitions, such as DDR4-to-DDR5, monolithic 3D DRAM, HBM with hybrid bonding, etc.
  • Technology roadmaps by DRAM suppliers and detailed analysis the competitive landscape with focus on China.
  • Description of the DRAM ecosystem and analysis of the WFE and material for DRAM manufacturing.


Product objectives : 

Yole is pleased to provide you with the brand-new report “Next-Generation DRAM 2024 – Focus on HBM and 3D DRAM”, which provides a detailed analysis of the DRAM market and technology trends with focus on DRAM scaling, high-bandwidth memory and monolithic 3D DRAM. The main objectives of this report are as follows:

  •  Provide a comprehensive analysis of the DRAM market
    • Description of the memory market outlining the DRAM market cyclicality throughout history (from the early 1980s to the present).
    • DRAM business overview with market forecasts in terms of revenues, bit shipments, bit demand and average selling prices.
    • DRAM supply analysis with capex and wafer production forecast with details on the adoption of CBA* DRAM architectures.
    • High-Bandwidth Memory (HBM) business: market drivers, players dynamics, bit shipments, wafer production, and more.
    • Long-term monolithic 3D DRAM market evolution (2030-2035) and impact of the 2D-to-3D transition on the DRAM equipment business.
  • Present the latest DRAM technology trends
    • Technology roadmaps by DRAM suppliers for next-generation DRAM devices, such as DDR5 and HBM.
    • Technical solutions for DRAM scaling in terms of equipment (including EUV lithography), novel cell structures and materials.
    • Advanced packaging for memory: technical trends and roadmaps for high-performance DRAM devices.
    • Adoption of hybrid bonding for CBA* DRAM, HBM, as well as for emerging AI devices based on logic-DRAM stacks.
    • Emerging technologies, such as monolithic 3D DRAM and processing-in-memory (PiM)
  • Describe the supply chain and the DRAM ecosystem
    • DRAM supply chain with focus on wafer-fab equipment and material suppliers.
    • China DRAM business with analysis of the main technology developments by Chinese players.

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