Market and Technology Trends

Next-Generation Human Machine Interaction in Displays 2019

By Yole Intelligence

Sensors directly integrated in displays: still a long way to wow!


Key features of the report

  • Analysis of trends related to displays integrating HMI functions
  • Analysis of key challenges related to sensor and actuator integration, under or in display
  • Technical analysis of integration possibilities
  • Analysis of related industrial ecosystems
  • Analysis of future trends and landscape evolution


Objectives of the report

  • Provide an understanding concerning the current status of the main sensing and actuating functions in most display-based applications
  • Explore the trends toward increasing the display area
  • Analyze the core sensing and actuating function technologies, and observe their compatibility with under-display or in-display integration
  • Discuss future trends in displays, sensors, and actuators, and their evolution and impact on the ecosystem

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