Market and Technology Trends

Power Electronics for Data Centers 2023

By Yole Intelligence

How power electronics innovations make $10.5B-worth by 2028 for data center power supply unit market more environmentally sustainable


Key Features

  • Market forecast of the power supply unit split within three segmentations: data center types, server types and power range. For each, MUnit and $M are provided.  
  • Forecast for power devices market for PSU in Munits and $M with split according to technology and voltage level. 
  • Analysis of the 12-to-48 V transition and its impact on the market of 100 V devices.
  • Market trends in data centers industry and impact on other segments like UPS, renewable energy, etc.  are discussed.
  • Overview of the PSU supply chain and key players are shown.
  • Deep insight into the technology trends aiming to improve efficiency are highlighted.

Product objectives

Yole Intelligence has released this report, Power electronics for data centers 2023, to provide an overview of power electronics market forecast and technology trends for data center, from PSU, cooling, down to power devices and wafers.

The report’s main objectives are as follows:

  • Analyze the market drivers and understand the dynamics of the datacenter market
  • Provide an overview on synergies with other applications.
  • Provide market metrics and forecasts for power converters, power devices and wafers for data centers
  • Give an overview of the data center power electronics supply chain
  • Review the latest news impacting the data center market
  • Analyze the different business models and how do they evolve
  • Furnish an analysis of main technology trends and their impact on power electronics

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