Market and Technology Trends

RF for Telecom Infrastructure 2022 - Focus Mobile Network

By Yole Intelligence

Despite supply constraints and massive MIMO deployment slowing down in China, the RFFE market was up 12% in 2021 and is poised to reach 4.3B$ in 2027

What’s new

  • Focus on the power amplifier market with a GaN / LDMOS technology split and discrete / module split
  • Description of the Open RAN ecosystem and discussion on the opportunities for new players to gain market
  • Overview of 6G technology, including investment status, positioning of the different players and regions, technical challenges, and roadmap

Key features

  • The market forecast includes macro BTS, Massive MIMO, small cell, and mmWave, from system level to RF component and technology platform
  • Focus on the power amplifier market with a GaN / LDMOS technology split and discrete vs. module approach
  • Description of the RAN and RF front-end market shares and supply chain
  • Overview of the 5G RAN market trends and regional dynamics (China, USA, Europe, and Asia)
  • Overview of the technology trends from system level to RF components and technology platform

Product objectives

  • The report provides market forecasts starting from market estimates at the antenna system level, with a split between 4G and 5G infrastructure, massive MIMO AAS and RRH, and going down to RF components in RF lines, and wafer-level estimates for the different technologies used in component manufacturing (e.g., LDMOS, GaN, GaAs, SOI,…)
  • This report looks at the RAN and RF semiconductor industry players and market to help our customers in their decision-making process regarding this very active market
  • Provide relevant information regarding the complex RF component value chain

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