Technology, Process and Cost Comparison

RFFEM Comparison 2023 – SatCom Chipset in Huawei and Apple Smartphone

By Yole SystemPlus

A deep analysis of first two emergency satellite communication chipset in Apple and Huawei premium phone


Key Features

  • Detailed photos
  • Precise measurements
  • Materials analysis
  • Manufacturing process flow
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Chipset Comparison
  • Main Components’ RF functional block

What's new

  • The first Mobile Satellite Services handsets
  • Both OEMs has spent billions in this feature through the smartphones but also through the constellation’s owner company like Global Star
  • Each smartphone has its own specific design for the GPS coordinate reception, doppler compensation and transmit/receive RF Front-End
  • Introduction of the third generation of GPS receiver from Broadcom using N6RF technology node available on the market in High Volume Manufacturing

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