Market and Technology Trends

Semiconductor Trends in Automotive 2023

By Yole Intelligence

Chips to Wheels: The $84 billion Semiconductor Revolution


Key Features

  • 2022-2028 forecast for market value, volume for semiconductors
  • 2022-2028 forecast for market value, volume split by module and device category
  • Deep analysis of semiconductors in power & electrification, ADAS & safety, infotainment & connectivity, chassis & body domains.

What’s new? 

Triple C-analysis for OEM positioning on semiconductors

Product objectives

To provide an in-depth understanding of the changing car industry ecosystem and supply chain:

    • What are the current and future internal and external factors that will have a lasting effect on the automotive industry?
    • Who are the players, and why are new semiconductor players entering the car market?
    • Who are the key suppliers to watch, and what technologies do they support?

To provide a complete overview of the current technological trends and a 2018-2028 forecast of market value, volume, and wafers for automotive applications. This includes:

    • Powertrain and electrification
    • ADAS and safety
    • Infotainment and connectivity
    • Chassis and body

To provide key technical insights into and analyses of future technology trends and challenges:

    • Key technology choices
    • Technology dynamics
    • Emerging technologies and roadmaps
    • Semiconductor content in cars

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