Performance Analysis

Skyworth Q72 Smart MiniLED TV 2023

By Piseo

Does Skyworth‘s Super Original Color Tech enable its Q72 Smart MiniLED TV to deliver outstanding RGB color purity?


Key Features

  • Description of the MiniLED-based backlight unit technology.
  • Details about LED emission characteristics.
  • Main characteristics and roles of the different films in the optical stack.
  • Measurement and analysis of brightness, brightness uniformity, contrast, EOTF, color, color uniformity, angular performance, halo in video, and high and standard dynamic range (HDR and SDR) formats.
  • Backlight unit operation when displaying a simple scene.
  • Measurement and analysis of artifacts such as screen reflectance and flicker.
  • PISÉO’s opinion on the architecture and performance of the product.

Product objectives

  • While manufacturers are announcing displays based on MiniLED, Skyworth claims a better local dimming and the use of Nanolumi Chameleon® RG Film combined with Quantum Dots technology to improve color purification.
  • This report discusses the tests and quality analyses that have been performed to evaluate the performance of the Skyworth Q72 Smart MiniLED TV.
    • Readability and color in various ambient light conditions, APLs, and angles;
    • Improvement in brightness and contrast brought by the MiniLED LCD.
  • It also details the MiniLED backlight unit of Skyworth Q72 Smart MiniLED, giving insights into the optical architecture and explaining how Skyworth managed the technical challenges.
    • What is the MiniLED based backlight unit?
    • How is it made?
    • Provide details of the LED emission characteristics.
    • Share the main characteristics of the seven films in the optical stack.
    • Explain the role of the different films.
    • Show how the backlight unit works when displaying a simple scene.
  • Finally, it shows how the new backlight optical construction contributes to the user experience.

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