Technology, Process and Cost Comparison

Smartphones Camera Module Comparison 2023 - Xiaomi

By Yole SystemPlus

4 years’ evolution of Xiaomi’s ultra-premium flagship camera, featuring the 13 Ultra.


Key Features

  • Detailed photos
  • Precise measurements
  • Module cross-sections
  • Sensor cross-sections
  • Sensor measurements
  • Manufacturing process flow
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Physical comparisons
  • Cost and price comparison

What's new

  • Main module retains the 1” IMX989 CIS and adds a Voice Coil Motor-driven variable aperture.
  • Supporting modules debut the IMX858 with all-pixel on-chip lens-based focusing and “multi-camera sync system.”
  • Xiaomi opted for increased aperture size and added an short telephoto module, resulting in one of the most expensive smartphone cameras of the year.

Product objectives

In this report we present the results of our detailed physical analysis and costing studies of the Mi 10 Ultra, Mi 11 Ultra, 12S Ultra and 13 Ultra front and rear cameras to offer insight into the physical and cost evolution of the camera modules and CMOS image sensors (CIS) over the last four years of Xiaomi’s ultra-premium flagships. We provide a complete manufacturing and costing analysis and comparison for all four cameras, along with a detailed physical analysis for the cameras in the 12S Ultra and 13 Ultra. For the other two smartphones, we present a more cursory physical analysis that is sufficient for comparison.

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