Technology, Process and Cost

Sony MicroLED Display

By Yole SystemPlus

In depth technical and cost analysis of the microLED display cell with RGB LEDs, microLEDs-in-packages and mass transfer reports.


Key Features

  • Detailed optical and SEM photos
  • Precise measurements
  • Materials analysis
  • Manufacturing process flow
  • Supply chain evaluation
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Estimated selling price

What's new

  • Our first report on microLED displays.
  • The technology can be used for large or small displays.
  • This is a future technology for high-end TVs and AR/VR headsets.
  • Each pixel is three microLEDs, red, green, and blue, plus a driver die to obtain a more powerful and higher contrast display than OLEDs produce.
  • They use very small MicroLEDs-In-Packages, with red, green, and blue LEDs.
  • They are assembled without solder.
  • Sony’s red + green + blue microLED + microLED driver per pixel, active-matrix architecture is very interesting.

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