Market and Technology Trends

Status of the Microfluidics Industry 2023

By Yole Intelligence

The microfluidics market is seeking a new dynamic in precise and preventive diagnostics applications, reaching a market value of  $20.6 billion by 2028.


Key Features

  • Market segmentation, data, and forecasts for 2022 - 2028, by components and modules, in units and dollars, including materials ratio.
  • A detailed explanation of current and future market trends, covering several applications of microfluidic technologies.
  • Market share at the module and fab level, with comparison to the last two years, explaining the dynamics.
  • Fundraising and M&A analysis to help understand the ecosystem’s dynamics.
  • Description of the supply chain involving various players as a function of the materials used.
  • Materials, manufacturing, and other technology trends, along with roadmaps

What’s new? 

  • Focus on market trends related to diagnostics applications, cell analysis, and potential future microfluidics applications.
  • Slides focused on specific players’ activities are implemented all along the report.

Product objectives

This Yole Intelligence report is an updated version of the 2022 report providing a complete analysis of microfluidic component/module applications, markets, and technologies.

his new version provides:

  • New significant trends and evolution in the microfluidic industry markets, applications, and business models
  • Presentation of the hot spots where things are moving, along with future high-potential applications
  • Analysis of strategic moves since 2021: mergers and acquisitions, fundraising, etc.
  • Understanding of the competitive environment with an overview of key players, the evolution of microfluidic vendors’ market shares per segment, and fabs’ market shares
  • Updated market data and forecast up to 2028, in value and volume for microfluidic components and modules, with insights on the materials market (polymer, glass wafers, silicon wafers)
  • Supply chain description and analysis
  • Latest technology trends (materials, manufacturing, biology, detection methods, etc.)

This report thoroughly summarizes the 2022 microfluidics market, considering the trends for each application. The report was finalized in early July 2023, so the data is the latest available.

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