Market and Technology Trends

Ultrasound Sensing 2023

By Yole Intelligence

Still transitioning from bulk to semiconductor-based, the $7B market in 2028 still relies on consumer and automotive applications.


Key Features 

  • 2020-2028 forecast of ultrasound detectors by market and by module (Munits, $M)
  • Overview of the ultrasound detectors supply chain. 
  • Ultrasound detector market share by market and by technologies.
  • Latest technology and market trends.

What’s new? 

  • 2020-2028 ultrasound detector forecast by market.
  • Market share of consumer, automotive and medical ultrasound market.
  • Market share of PMUT and CMUT based technologies.

Product objectives

This is Yole Intelligence’s updated report on ultrasound sensing technologies for medical, industrial, automotive, and consumer applications.

Provide forecast metrics for  each ultrasound sensing module:​

  • Ultrasound market revenue and shipment forecasts at the system level for various industries (consumer, medical, industrial, automotive)
  • Ultrasound modules revenue forecast, shipments forecast
  • Technology penetration rates: CMUT and PMUT technologies vs. bulk piezo

Deliver an overview and an  in-depth understanding of the ecosystem and players:​

  • The key players from the various areas: foundry, transducer, packaging, system level integrator, etc.
  • The key suppliers, and the technologies they provide

Share key technical insights and analyses on expected technology trends and challenges:​

  • The industry’s state-of-the-art technologies 
  • Dynamics of key technologies
  • Emerging technologies and roadmaps

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