Market and Technology Trends

UV LEDs and UV Lamps – Market and Technology Trends 2021

By Yole Intelligence

The UV lighting market will double or treble in size in the next five years, driven by disinfection and new functionalities.

What's new

  • In-depth analysis of new opportunities created by the COVID-19 pandemic
  • In-depth analysis of the UVC lamp market, industry, and technologies
  • Intellectual property analysis for both UVC lamps and UVC LEDs

Key features

  • Analysis of the main UV lighting applications, with an in-depth focus on UV disinfection
  • UV lamp and UV LED industry analysis, with a strong focus on the UVC lighting industry
  • UV LED performance and price analysis
  • UV LED technology manufacturing analysis
  • UV light source market forecast for 2008-2026, with an in-depth analysis for the UVC segment

Report objectives

  • This report is a comprehensive survey of UV light sources, providing the reader with a deep understanding of the UV lamp and UV LED businesses
  • Review and detail the traditional UV lamp business, its main applications and associated characteristics, main market metrics, main players’ positioning, and strategies
  • It reviews the global UV LED industry and provides insights into changes in the value/supply chain after the penetration of this disruptive technology
  • The report takes into account the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic for all aspects

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