Performance Analysis

VW ID3 headlamps construction and performance analysis

By Piseo

For the first time ever, an independent, in-depth technical analysis that unveils how a tier-1 manufacturer takes advantage of LED technology

Key Features:

  • Teardown of the VW ID3 headlamp
  • Analysis of the general architecture of the headlamp
  • Analysis of the architecture of the headlamp modules: optical, mechanical, assembly, electronics, thermal management
  • Performance characterization
  • Performance analysis
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Statement on product design and performance


Product objectives:

An in-depth and independent analysis:

  • To provide automotive lighting market players with a deep understanding of the solutions that have been implemented in the analyzed device
  • To show how those solutions contribute to the lighting performance and road users’ safety
  • To highlight the key findings in relation to other state-of-the-art marketed products


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