Market and Technology Trends

Digital X-Ray Imaging 2022

By Yole Intelligence

Driven by economic growth in China and India, the X-ray detector market will reach $2.5B in 2027 and be restructured around computed tomography

Key Features

  • Market data on key X-ray detector technologies including flat panel aSi, aSe, IGZO or CMOS, CT detectors and linear sensors over medical, industry, security, and veterinary markets. Historical data are displayed from 2018 to 2021 before forecasting the market up to 2027
  • Comprehensive analysis of the market trends in the different market segments
  • Understanding of how health and political crises affect the X-ray imaging market
  • Market share for flat panel detectors, in value
  • Comprehensive description of the supply chain from system integrators to semiconductor fabs. Highlights of the main changes since the last update of the report
  • Comprehensive description of technologies including roadmap on photon-counting technology. Analysis of the penetration of IGZO in flat panels

What's new

  • The covid crisis upset demand in 2020/2021. Combined with conflicts and trade wars, it forced many players to build new supply chains
  • Commercialization of the first photon-counting CT scanner by Siemens Healthineers
  • The biggest CT scan system makers made acquisitions to ensure internal capacity of manufacturing photon-counting detectors
  • Car electrification is pulling demand for X-ray inspection in electronics and battery production lines

Product objectives

  • Provide an overview of the digital X-ray imaging industry with a focus on detector components including the different types technologies
  • Provide an understanding of the main trends in the different segments of digital X-ray imaging with forecast on the market value and associated shipment volumes
  • Give supply chain insights describing the different levels of integration and the players composing the ecosystem. Providing data of market share for the different types of X-ray detectors
  • Offering technology understanding about the main innovations with associated challenges and roadmaps

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