Market and Technology Trends

Status of the Camera Module Industry 2022

By Yole Intelligence

From imaging to sensing, compact camera module revenue will pass $60B by 2027

Key Features

  • Context of the compact camera module (CCM) industry: historical perspective, cost breakdown by resolution
  • Compact camera module forecasts: volume, revenue, ASP, value breakdown per subcomponent
  • Market shares and supply chain: for image sensors, lens sets, AF/OIS devices, camera module
  • Compact camera module ecosystem analysis
  • Market trends for all the served markets: mobile, consumer, computing, automotive, medical, commercial
  • Technology trends: image sensors, lens technologies, AF/OIS devices, including emerging optics technologies

 What's new

  • Updated camera module market forecasts for volume, revenue, ASP, sub-component revenue breakdown
  • Updated market share for each subcomponent, main players’ revenues
  • New competitive geographic map analysis
  • New AF/OIS penetration rate update
  • Market trends for each market explored: mobile, consumer, computing, automotive, medical, commercial including some security and industrial applications
  • Updated pixel size roadmap, AF/OIS technology trends
  • New emerging lens technologies, including liquid lenses, metasurfaces and wafer optics

Product objectives

  • Provide market data on key CCM metrics and dynamics
    • CCM forecasts, by revenue, shipments, and components
    • Market shares, with detailed breakdown by player and components
    • Application focus on key growth areas for CCM: under-display camera, sensing camera and ADAS camera
  • Deliver an in-depth understanding of the CCM value chain, infrastructure, and players
    • Who are the CCM players including CIS, CCM and optics manufacturers, and how they are related?
    • Who are the key suppliers to watch - and more generally, how will the camera module industry evolve?
  • Present key technical insight and analysis regarding future technology trends and challenges
    • Manufacturing technologies: design structures
    • Device technologies: CCM applications across markets
    • Technology focus on game-changing areas like lenses and OIS

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