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Interior of the Future, New Features & Emerging Technologies

This event serves as a pivotal gathering for over 200 global participants, including managers, experts, and enthusiasts deeply entrenched in the realms of automotive interior design and technology. Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights, network with industry leaders, and chart the course for the future of automotive innovation.

Join Yole Group, where our company will take the stage as a speaker, delving into the evolving landscape of User Experience (UX) within the Vehicle Cabin. In an era marked by increasingly automated and interconnected electric vehicles, the demand for innovative features within the cabin environment has never been more pressing.

Yole Group will be part of the program with:

Pierrick Boulay
Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Automotive Semiconductors

Tuesday, April 23rd
1:30 – 2pm: From LCD to OLEDs: A journey through display

Displays receive a lot of attention from consumers and OEMs. They are now integrated into cars in all segments, and differentiation depends on their shape, size, and associated use case. Depending on the targeted segment, OEMs may use off-the-shelf solutions or tailored solutions. Among these solutions, multiple display technologies are co-existing from LCD to OLEDs. This presentation will address the different display applications and their possible evolution. We will compare the display requirements between consumer and automotive displays. Among the different technologies, we will compare LCD, miniLED, and OLED technologies. MicroLED technology is emerging, and we will figure out what could be the opportunities in automotive. We will conclude by presenting market data associated with these display technologies.

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