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IDW consists of workshops technically categorized into specialized domains playing important roles in the information display technology and its application. This year 3DSA 2023 (co-hosted by the International Conference on Three Dimensional Systems and Applications) and a new session dealing with image sensing technology will be held as a topical session.

Each workshop organizes its own sessions, which consist of oral presentations by invited, contributing speakers and poster presentations. There will also be demo sessions where you can see and experience actual devices or technologies related to the content of the presentations. The workshops should be of interest not only to researchers and engineers but also to those who manage companies and institutions in the information display community.

Yole Group will be part of program with:

Zine Bouhamri,
Team Lead Analyst – Imaging and Display

Yole Intelligence

December 8, 10:00
Progress and Remaining Challenges for MicroLED Volume Manufacturing.

Raphaël Mermet-Lyaudoz, Ph.D.
Technology & Market Analyst

Yole Intelligence

December 8, 13:50
MiniLED for Backlight Units: Applications, Ecosystem and
Market Forecasts

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