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The display industry has infinite possibilities to converge with all industry. The event will create Themed Zones for Mobility and XR Industries and hold Display Business Forum at the same to present a wide range of business perspective on the display Industry.

The program will focus on pratical outcomes: the K-Display will operate consultation meetings and provides opportunities for communication between demand and supplier companies by inviting domestic and overseas buyers.

Yole Group will be part of it with:

Zine Bouhamri,
Team Lead Analyst – Imaging and Display

Yole Intelligence

Friday, August 18
10:45 a.m: Are miniLEDs and microLEDs going to disrupt the display industry? A status of the technology and market advancements.

We have been hearing about microLEDs for close to ten years. On the side, miniLEDs heve been a hot topic for the past five years as seen with Chinese OEMs and Samsung before they decided to switch to OLED, as it was a potential way to help develop microLEDs. But is that really the case? With Apple getting ready for their microLED based smartwatch, and AR around the corner, does it really make sense? And what are Korean players doing to develop this potential disrupting display technology, following the idea of developing OLED to prevail over incumbent technologies? This talk plans on delving into these matters, both in terms of technology and market insights.

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