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Sensing our world: technology driving global solutions

MEMS & Sensors Technical Congress—MSTC 2024 stands as the beacon for professionals across the MEMS and sensors supply chain and adjacent industries. At MSTC 2024, you’ll have the opportunity to dive into the latest industry methods and techniques for designing, building, and utilizing sensors. Explore new market potentials, applications, and driving forces shaping the sensor landscape. Hear from industry leaders and experts as they share their insightful perspectives and experiences.

Join Yole Group for an immersive exploration into the world of sensor technology at the premier technical event dedicated to designing, building, and utilizing sensors. At MSTC 2024, we’re delving deep into the realms of innovation, discussing how sensor products are revolutionizing industries and driving global solutions.

Yole Group will be part of the program with:

Pierre Delbos
Technology & Market Analyst, MEMS & Sensing

Wednesday, May 1st
9:35am: Market Briefing – Fluctuation, Polarization, and Innovation in the MEMS & Sensors Industry

Yole Group will provide a market briefing highlighting the most promising devices and applications. Ongoing mega-trends such as the electrification of cars, autonomous driving, and Industry 4.0 are reshaping the growth of the MEMS & Sensors business by giving tailwinds to specific devices and applications. Moreover, with the latest end-market demand fluctuations and economic disturbances, the MEMS & Sensors ecosystem is going through a so-called polarization leading to heterogeneous innovation along the value chain. What is the outlook for 2024? And what should we expect for the next five years?

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