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Digital Transformation Driven Trends in the Coating Technology

Photonic sensors, integrated optics, and miniaturized optical systems are at the forefront of driving technological innovations. They not only enable new monitoring methods but also contribute to the optimization of processes, paving the way for the digitalization and automation of industrial production.

The production of advanced optical systems and the exploration of new markets and applications demand continuous technological advancements and a profound understanding of complex processes in optical manufacturing. Our goal is to design these systems with precision and cost-effectiveness, pushing the boundaries of manufacturing processes. Unlike electronics production, optical manufacturing often requires a higher level of effort due to the diverse range of functions, materials, and structures involved. Moreover, we are witnessing a growing convergence of both realms, exemplified by optical functionality at the wafer level, commonly referred to as Wafer Level Optics.

Yole Group invite you to delve into the latest trends in technologies and applications driven by digitalization. Discover how a diverse range of coating materials with desired properties can be applied to optics crafted from glass, metal, or other materials.

Yole Group will be part of the program with:

Taguhi Yeghoyan
Senior Technology & Market Analyst, Semiconductor Equipment

Wednesday, June 12th
10:30am: Semiconductor Deposition Equipment for Precision Optics

Precision optics are used across consumer, automotive, industrial, medical and semiconductor industries. For all these applications, light emitter and sensor devices undergo continuous improvement and the requirements for related optical elements are becoming more stringent.

High-quality optical coatings can be deposited by Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), Ion Beam Deposition (IBD), Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD), or Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD). Among these methods, PVD Sputtering is the most industrially adopted, due to its high purity, high growth rate, and the versatility of coated materials.

In this presentation, we explore precision optics applications and industrial use cases. Moreover, we provide the related deposition equipment market size and its perspectives.

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