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GaN and SiC power electronics: From basics to application

A greener future requires minimizing the waste of energy. Electric power needs to be converted (multiple times) during its way from primary energy supply to the electronic devices used in our daily lives e.g. from the 220V AC mains to a 12V DC end-user appliance. Key to reducing the energy consumption is thus to maximize the efficiency in power conversion. This efficiency can be drastically improved by replacing power transistors that are currently based on silicon by wide band gap (WBG) semiconductors such as gallium nitride (GaN) and silicon carbide (SiC). Despite an accelerating adoption of GaN and SiC during the last years for consumer power supplies and automotive inverters, respectively, silicon-based technology is still largely dominating. To unlock the full potential of WBG based devices, we need to study and understand all the different aspects of the power devices, from growing the raw material to packaging and a demonstration of its potential in a final device.

Yole Group will be the guest speaker with:

Taha AYARI, PhD.
Technology & Market Analyst – Compound Semiconductor and Emerging Substrates

Yole Intelligence

Wednesday, August 30th 
14:30 – SiC and GaN for Power Electronics: Two Markets Driven by Different Growth Engines


The automotive market, mainly driven by inverters, along with onboard chargers and DC-DC converters in electric vehicles, represents 70% of the power SiC market share in 2022, which is set to grow to 74% by 2028, according to Yole Intelligence’s analyses…


Yole SystemPlus analyzes the technical strategies of the leading compound semiconductor companies, with a detailed technology and cost comparison of 43 power GaN devices

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