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Hosted by CIOE – Powered by Yole Group

Once again this year, Yole Group is delighted to be working and collaborating with CIOE to organize 3 Photonics forums!

Imaging Technologies Forum

Markets Transitioning from Imaging to Sensing: How Technology is Shaping the Consumer and Automotive Worlds

Date: September 11, afternoon

Yole Group will present a compelling forum on imaging technologies across various markets, from consumer electronics to automotive applications. Join us as our experts delve into the latest trends in imaging and sensing technologies, examining them from the wafer, device, and end system perspectives. Renowned industry players will share their insights, technology roadmaps, and strategies, providing a glimpse into the future of the imaging market.

Despite a global semiconductor downturn, the CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) market, accounting for 4% of semiconductor revenue, grew significantly in 2023, fueled by Automotive and Industrial sectors as smartphones stagnated. CIS innovations target smaller pixels, improved SNR, and lower power consumption, with companies like Sony, Omnivision, and STMicroelectronics exploring triple-stack sensors and sensitivity enhancements for low-light and 3D sensing, leading to a low-cost Short-Wave Infrared (SWIR) segment. Event-based imaging is gaining popularity for low latency and power efficiency. Despite consumer market stagnation, the camera module market, including lenses and assembly, is growing, driven by high-end products and sensing technology advancements, such as Apple’s periscope cameras released in 2023.

MicroLEDs for AR Forum

Augmented Reality’s Journey toward Smartphone Replacement: Exploring microLEDs as the Future Solution

Date: September 12, morning

Yole Group will present an engaging forum on microLED technologies within AR/VR headsets. We’ll explore the latest in augmented reality, focusing on microLEDs and waveguide optics, covering applications, modules, and components. Industry leaders will share insights, technology roadmaps, and strategies, providing a glimpse into augmented reality’s future.

AR, VR, and MR are driving the evolution of consumer electronics, with Meta’s Quest 3 and Apple’s Vision Pro leading the way in enabling mixed reality experiences. Microdisplays, particularly microLEDs, are poised to revolutionize AR and VR devices. MicroLED technology offers advantages like high resolution and low power consumption, making it ideal for AR headsets. Industry efforts are focused on achieving full RGB solutions, with microLEDs expected to dominate the AR landscape due to their brightness and efficiency. Waveguide technologies are considered crucial for future AR glasses, with microLEDs being the technological choice to deliver bright displays in a compact form factor.

In this workshop, our aim is to delve into the intricate details of technology, player strategies, and market figures for microLEDs and waveguides. Don’t miss out—hop on board to keep up-to-date and fully engaged in this dynamic panorama!

Photonics Compound Semiconductors Forum

Global Perspectives on the Key Photonic Compound Semiconductor Technologies for Datacom

Date: September 12, afternoon

This forum explores recent trends and applications in photonic compound semiconductor technologies, covering devices, epiwafers, and substrates. Industry players will present their key results, technology roadmaps, and strategies shaping the future of the datacom market.

Network traffic is surging due to cloud technologies, AI breakthroughs like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, and high-definition video-on-demand from platforms like YouTube and Netflix. The expanding reach of 5G networks also drives demand. Integrating generative AI into applications increases the need for computing power and data transfer capacity in data centers, raising concerns about energy efficiency and sustainability. The workshop highlights the demand for affordable, low-power compound semiconductor lasers and their substrates, emphasizing the importance of photonic integrated circuits, particularly silicon photonics. The industry is transitioning to 800G and beyond optical interconnects, reflected in datacom players’ laser technology and substrate size roadmaps. The workshop will explore player strategies, upcoming technologies, roadmaps, and market forecasts in the optical communication industry’s rapidly evolving landscape.

More information will be coming soon…

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