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Yole Group analysts discuss the hardware requirements of the different autonomy levels, from foot-off to eye-off, in terms of both semiconductor components and car architecture, and related market opportunities.

During this webinar, Yole Intelligence and Yole System Plus analysts, part of Yole Group, will discuss various ADAS topics,  beginning with the different autonomy levels. This will provide a clear overview of the system which has been complexified by a lack of consistency in the industry and confusion between technical terms and marketing concepts.
Then, for the different autonomy levels, including foot-off, hands-off, and eyes-off, the typical hardware configurations will be described in terms of sensors, computing, memory, and architecture. In particular, processors will be examined in detail, and we will present physical, IP, supply chain, and cost analyses on the processor from the packaging to the die level. Finally, market data for ADAS will be presented for sensing, computing, and memory.

This webinar will highlight:

  • Autonomy levels overview, with a focus on definition and terminology
  • Different autonomy levels and associated technical configurations in terms of sensing, computing and memory, and market data
  • Sensor configuration evolution
  • Car architecture discussion and rationale for centralization
  • Centralization impact on computing requirements and types of processors.
  • Memory requirements for the different autonomy levels and potential impact of data recorders.
  • Technology analysis of the ADAS module for camera, multi-camera, and central systems
  • Physical analysis of the processor from packaging to die level

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