ANALYST THURSDAY – How next generation chips for high performance computing will drive innovation in semiconductor test?

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Yole Group analysts discuss the challenges of testing chips for high-performance computing applications and explain the impact on test costs and market dynamics. 

During this webinar, analysts from Yole Intelligence, part of the Yole Group, will discuss how the rapid adoption of EUV lithography in recent years has enabled the manufacture of chips that require a step change in how they are packaged and tested. Our expert team will point out what these developments mean for test equipment suppliers and associated test consumables suppliers.  

The challenges of testing these devices will require new solutions that will inevitably affect the cost of the tests. This presentation will show how the cost structure of semiconductor tests has already changed and will likely change over the longer term. 

This webinar will highlight:

  • The challenges of testing chips for high-performance computing applications 
  • The evolution of advanced packaging solutions and the impact on semiconductor testing 
  • The cost of tests for testing chips for high-performance computing applications 
  • Impact of Generative AI on the semiconductor market and what this means for semiconductor testing

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