ANALYST THURSDAY – What’s under the hood of a flagship phone: IPhone vs Android?

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Yole Group analysts will discuss the major differences between the two main categories of smartphones, those from Apple and a flagship Android, with a focus on computing, biometrics, RF, and packaging technology.

The contrasting evolution of the two smartphone ecosystems has led to divergent hardware approaches to many of the typical functions found in a smartphone.  In this webinar, Yole Intelligence and Yole SystemPlus analysts will discuss the critical differences between top-of-the-line iPhone and Android smartphones, with a focus on computing, RF connectivity, security biometrics, and packaging technology.  Additionally, the Yole Group analysts will look into the future at what new features and technologies could be anticipated in these focus areas.

This webinar will highlight:

  • Processor design differences, specifically CPU cores, GPU cores, AI acceleration, and cache size
  • Processor foundry nodes and floorplan comparison
  • Different processor packaging approaches taken by Apple and the flagship Android
  • The vastly different approaches to security biometrics
  • How RF connectivity evolved to two different ecosystems
  • A look into the future: will these factors remain on different paths, or could we see some convergence?

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