Alcatel-Lucent, CHT to jointly to deploy network

Alcatel-Lucent on September 14 announced a partnership with Chunghwa Telecom (CHT) to establish a fixed-line broadband Internet-access network based on integration of GPON (gigabit passive optical network) with technology in Taiwan, the first commercial deployment around the world.

It is difficult to provide FTTH services to old buildings or areas where fiber-optic networks cannot reach, Alcatel-Lucent Taiwan said. technology provides the last-mile connectivity extending fiber-optic high-speed Internet-access services through the nodes of fiber-optic networks on roadside or in buildings with existing copper-wire systems, Alcatel-Lucent Taiwan indicated. technology allows Internet service providers to broaden FTTH coverage and, within 500 meters from the nodes of the fiber-optic networks, can attain download speeds from 150Mbps to 1Gbps depending on the actual distance.

CHT’s deployment will be based on equipment mainly consisting of DPU (distribution point unit) access devices, GPON OLT (optical line terminal) devices, network managing devices and home-use gateways, the company said. gateways will be initially supplied by Taiwan-based maker Gemtek Technology.

CHT will start deployment in the fourth quarter of 2015 and hopes that the deployment can cover 10,000 users, the company indicated.