Toshiba starts construction of back-end production facility for power semiconductors

Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage (“Toshiba”) announced that it has started construction of a back-end production facility for power semiconductors at Himeji Operations – Semiconductor, in Hyogo Prefecture, western Japan. The new facility will start mass production in spring 2025.

Toshiba will promote smart factory initiatives that bring automated transportation systems into manufacturing processes, promote work efficiency through adoption of RFIDNote tags, and improve the accuracy of inventory management. The facility will be 100% powered by renewable energy and equipped with solar power generation systems, underlining Toshiba’s commitment to the SDGs.

Power devices are essential components for managing and reducing power consumption in all kinds of electronic equipment, and for saving energy. With the start of production at the new Himeji facility, Toshiba will more than double its production capacity for automotive power semiconductor production, against fiscal 2022, and reinforce its contributions to advancing carbon neutrality.