Changan to build new smart car brand with Huawei and CATL

Changan will join hands with Huawei and CATL, China’s largest automotive lithium-ion battery maker, to build a new high-end smart car brand with high-end smart products coming soon, Changan Chairman Zhu Ronghua announced on CCTV on November 14.

Richard Yu, senior vice president and CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, said the partnership aims to make China’s smart manufacturing stronger and to make smart mobility solutions a better experience for people’s lives.

The premium smart car brand created by the three parties includes a smart electric vehicle platform, a range of smart car products, and a smart life and smart energy ecosystem.

According to Zhu Ronghua, the future shape of the car is a mobile multi-functional space, a large smart terminal, a data collection carrier, and an energy storage unit.

In addition to the joint creation of car products, Changan’s smart architecture -Fangzhou Architecture – is also announced for the first time.

As a new concept in the Changan R & D 4.0 era, Fangzhou architecture plays an important role in improving the basic performance of Changan’s vehicles, covering all models from A0-C class.

The new generation of products under the Fangzhou architecture can shorten the 0-100km/h acceleration time by up to 24%.

In addition, Zhu Ronghua revealed during the 2020 World Telematics Congress that Changan will gradually mass-produce L4 and L5 automatic driving models by 2022.