Elisa launches world’s first commercial 5G

Finnish telecommunications company Elisa has become the first operator in the world to begin commercial use of a 5G network and to start offering 5G subscriptions. The first person to use the 5G network was Finland’s Minister of Transport and Communications, Anne Berner, when she made a video call to Kadri Simson, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure in Estonia.
The world’s first commercial 5G networks have now been launched in the Finnish city of Tampere and Estonia’s capital city Tallinn, and Elisa is also updating its network to be 5G-ready across Finland.
Elisa yole

We aim to make Finland the leading nation as a developer of 5G mobile services,Berner comments. “The Ministry of Communications is ready to allocate the first 5G licences to the 3400 to 3800 MHz frequency band in the autumn, which will make Finland among the first countries in the world to start building 5G networks.
5G will offer considerably faster data speeds and lower latencies for mobile service users, while allowing a significantly greater number of devices to connect to the network simultaneously.

It also promises to disrupt many industries, and Elisa is currently testing and developing applications and services that use 5G features together with dozens of customers from, among others, the retail sector, the forest and mechanical engineering industries and public administration.