European industry players unite to accelerate quantum computing capabilities

Recognizable industry leaders from across various locations in Europe’s quantum photonics ecosystem are uniting in a quest to achieve a demonstrable quantum advantage. Under the umbrella of the Eurostars project “SupremeQ,” ORCA Computing, Pixel Photonics, Sparrow Quantum, and the Niels Bohr Institute (NBI) have formalized a collaboration to accelerate the development and commercialization of photonic quantum computing technologies. 

The project aims to address challenges in quantum computing including system engineering for scale, high acquisition and operation costs, as well as the need for specialized expertise.

Specifically, the collaborators will draw upon full-stack photonic quantum computing system architecture from ORCA Computing, single-photon detectors from Pixel Photonics, and single-photon sources from Sparrow Quantum and NBI.  

Per the project, Sparrow Quantum’s single-photon sources and Pixel Photonics detectors will be engineered to coexist within a single cryostat, providing a path to multiplying qubits while providing advantages in manufacturability and cost. ORCA Computing will integrate these developments and demonstrate photon processing efficiencies and reconfigurability within a standard data center rack. 

Eurostars is a European funding program dedicated to assisting R&D-performing small and medium enterprises in commercialization.