Infinera creates forum for XR optics push

Infinera has stepped up its effort for industry-wide recognition of its point-to-multipoint XR Optics technology that uses coherent pluggable transceivers.

It has established the Open XR Forum, with the initial members including operators such as Verizon, Lumen Technologies, BT, Windstream and Liberty Global.

Interestingly, though the announcement suggests the Forum “is a consortium of network operators, equipment vendors, and component vendors,” to date it only includes operators.

The importance of other players and potential standardization of the technology was discussed in a recent feature where Infinera founder and now chief innovation officer Dave Welch talked of the importance of others in the food-chain being involved.

Infinera says the company anticipates systems and components/subsystems vendors will join in due course, as well as other carriers.

Welch said the Forum launched with a focus on network providers because the first step is to establish the use cases for XR Optics, as well as requirements for management plane integration and related software integration parameters.

Infinera developed the XR Optics technology and first publicly talked about the vision at the 2019 European Conference on Optical Communications (ECOC) in Dublin, Ireland.