INT unveils next generation display solution for VR and AR applications

5G is about to come. At 100 times super high data transfer rate over current 4G, 5G will fuel the growth of VR and AR devices. Ultra High Pixel Density (UHPD™), INT Tech’s proprietary technology will be the catalyst making the above-mentioned breakthrough possible. Currently, VR experience is dragged down by inherent display hindrances such as screen door effect, vergence-accommodation conflict (VAC) and field of view (FOV). David Chu and his team at INT are successful in making the very first 2,228 ppi AMOLED display on glass substrate, which greatly alleviates the screen door effect and VAC when combining with light field technological approach. Also compared with current high ppi display solution on silicon, glass-based display is much more economical and can be made in larger size, thus improve FOV significantly.

O’flex™, a foldable display technology, is another proprietary technology developed by INT. It is more and more evident that smartphone market growth is getting onto a plateau of stagnation. Inevitably, a post-smartphone era is dawning. The foldable display will replace rigid form factor and display with curvatures. Its market size and impact are tremendous. O’flex™ uses a comprehensive integration on layer stacking to slim down the display thickness, reduce the bending radius and attain full function with creaseless bending even after half-a-million bending test in the lab, a significant achievement of folding feature on smartphone development.

INT, established in June 2016, focuses to fill the void of unmet market needs. David Chu, a veteran in the display industry, once led his team commercialized China’s 1st AMOLED display. Now in his own firm, he adopted an asset-light knowledge-based business model, and set his aim on developing next generation display technologies and transform the whole ecosystem. INT embraces inclusive collaboration and works closely with partners to get them on the trajectory of success through innovation and transformation.