Kokam launching new battery system for global UPS market

Kokam a subsidiary of SolarEdge and a provider of lithium-ion batteries and integrated energy solutions, launched of a new battery system for Uninterruptible Power Systems (UPS). Already active in the UPS battery market, Kokam is strengthening its position with new advanced battery system that uses innovative cell technology to increase the C-rate and energy density.

The advanced battery system is designed to support mission-critical facilities, such as data centers, banks, and semi-conductor factories, where providing a seamless switchover to full power backup in the event of a power outage is crucial. The advanced battery system has up to a 46% smaller footprint and is up to 20% lighter compared to the conventional acid battery system. With a simplistic and compact design for convenient maintenance, the new system further decreases the already low total cost of ownership, which is up to 40% less than conventional acid battery systems.
Kokam is already accepting pre-orders for its new UPS advanced battery system.

With data center growth and grid instability, the UPS battery market is experiencing considerable expansion. As a battery solution provider, Kokam is well positioned to support this market acceleration through technological innovation,” stated Ike Hong, President of Kokam. “The launch of our new advanced battery system for the UPS battery market is aimed to provide a cost-effective and advanced solution to address the current grid stability challenges.”

Kokam is already accepting pre-orders for its new UPS advanced battery system.