KPN launches 1 million home FTTH initiative in the Netherlands

Dutch service provider KPN says it has launched a fiber to the home (FTTH) rollout that aims to connect an average of 6,500 homes per week. If the project stays on schedule, KPN expects to have added 1 million new FTTH households by the end of 2021.

KPN is rolling out the open FTTH infrastructure via its broadband infrastructure arm, KPN NetwerkNL. If the FTTH rollout meets its goal, more than 40% of the Netherlands’ households will have access to the network, KPN asserts. KPN says it currently has about 30% of Dutch households connected to fiber broadband infrastructure, a figure that equates to more than 2.3 million addresses.

The current initiative launched in Zwolle North-East, with Spijkerkwartier in Arnhem, the De Biezen district in Dongen, and Helvoirt other early targets. Residents in Zwolle North-East should have services available on the new FTTH network by this April, KPN predicts.

We have the first kick in the ground with the aim to connect another 1 million households to fiber optics within three years, the ultimate network of the future,” said Babak Fouladi, chief technology and digital officer at KPN. “This allows us to serve our customers even better and give them access to a lightning-fast gigabit connection which, thanks to the superior infrastructure, is also stable and fast during busy periods.

The new FTTH roll out will run in a parallel with an upgrade to KPN’s fiber to the cabinet network, which aims to see fiber deployed deeper into networks where FTTH is not immediately planned.