MULTI CUSTOMER ACTIONS – Silver sintering die attach



Silver sintering die attach: Get a deep insight of the silver sintering potential through Yole Développement new project

Power electronics, Radio Frequency and LEDs are challenged with high power while having smaller die size. Thermal management at package level has become absolutely key. Among all technologies and materials within the packaging assembly, die attach has become a bottleneck and silver sintering will become a mandatory solution to secure tomorrow competitiveness.

Regulation is pushing for the removal of lead within systems. Finding a reliable lead free solution has become critical for next generation modules.

When new semiconductors like Silicon Carbide (SiC) and Gallium Nitride (GaN) are gaining momentum, when junction temperature increases and assembly architecture is becoming more complex, Silver Sintering will become a mandatory solution to secure tomorrow competitiveness.

Power Electronics, RF and LED business, which one do you think will adopt silver sintering first?


In order to understand the business cases, the market potential and the technical roadmaps linked to silver sintering, Yole Développement proposes to carry out a multi customers action.

Please contact Pierric Gueguen for further discussions on that subject.


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