NEC supplies 1.2MWh, large-scale energy storage system to COLON mega solar power plant

NEC Corporation and NEC Energy Solutions (NEC Energy) announced that they have supplied and completed the installation of a GSS® large-scale energy storage system, with a capacity of 1.2MWh and output of 500kW, to operate in conjunction with a large PV solar power plant established by COLON (Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan), a supplier of electricity generated from renewable energy.

This large-scale NEC energy storage system plays an important role in adjusting and stabilizing the supply and demand of energy for the power grid. Typically, power generated by PV solar plants varies according to the amount of access they have to direct sunlight. By charging itself with the surplus electric energy that cannot be accepted by the power grid from the solar plant, the storage system reduces these fluctuations to deliver consistent energy levels.

nec colon

In recent years, Japan has promoted renewable energy to improve its energy self-sufficiency rate and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The government’s Feed-in Tariff Scheme for Renewable Energy has also been implemented, resulting in a rapid increase in the number of operators that generate electricity from solar energy and sell it to power companies. However, power output from these PV systems can fluctuate significantly. When a large amount of electricity is generated from renewable energy and is connected to the power grid, the capability to adjust the power supply and demand can become inadequate. The NEC GSS® energy storage system solves this issue for power producers and power companies worldwide.

As a leader in energy storage systems, NEC is committed to providing stable power supply systems to power companies around the world,” said Bud Collins, CEO, NEC Energy Solutions Inc. “NEC has deployed more than 120MW of these systems to over nineteen sites across eleven countries and we are proud to bring our expertise to our work with COLON.”

The NEC GSS® energy storage system supplied to COLON was manufactured by NEC Energy Solutions, a subsidiary of NEC. The energy storage systems of NEC Energy have achieved a high-density structure through their original heat dissipation design, using proprietary modules and racks. This design makes these systems ideal for small installation areas, short construction schedules, and small construction budgets.