New 1Gb MRAM offers the highest density of Hi-Rel Non-volatile memory in the most compact & lowest power package

Micross Components, (“Micross”), a global provider of mission-critical microelectronic components and services for high-reliability aerospace, defense, space and industrial applications, expands its MRAM product offering with the addition of a 1Gb, 32M x 32 CLGA/CBGA based on our technology partners 22nm pMTJ STT-MRAM process node topology. This new product offering is made possible as an extension of our exclusive partnership with Avalanche Technology, the leader in next generation MRAM Technology.

Micross’ SWaP optimized Hermetic Space Grade 1Gb Spin Transfer Torque MRAM device offers true random READ and WRITE access within the memory array, with the added benefit of being highly resistant to magnetic flux, mitigating the need for additional device shielding. This MRAM device architecture is analogous to Flash technology with an SRAM compatible READ/WRITE interface with an added performance enhancement, an Asynchronous Page Mode feature. Perpendicular Spin-Torque MRAM devices offer inherent protection from harsh environments and the best power profile of all non-volatile memories, making them optimally suited for hi-reliability aerospace and space applications. Micross and Avalanche are addressing the need for lower power and more compact memory solutions by providing a series of STT-MRAM devices based on this best-in-class, high-performance non-volatile memory technology.

The Spin-Torque, Persistent MRAM 1Gb, 32M x 32 is the latest density offered in Micross’ new MRAM family. The 1Gb STT-MRAM is available with Space and Military QML quality flows, and two hermetic 18mm x 20mm package variants (CLGA & CBGA in 142 pad/solder-ball definitions) in RAD-HARD, RAD-Tolerant and Non-Radiation offerings. This product provides near infinite endurance with greater than 10-year data retention across the -40°C to +125°C temperature range as well as a voltage operating range of 2.70-3.60V with a guaranteed minimum access time of 45ns across the military temperature range.

Avalanche’s next-gen 22nm Perpendicular Spin Transfer Torque MRAM technology has enabled Micross to provide greater SWaP savings through the addition of our 1Gb Hermetic MRAM to Micross’ hi-reliability memory portfolio. Micross’ 1Gb MRAM offers more than 64X the density of our initial 16Mb MRAM, with an improved bit density per mm2 of 2.844Mb as compared with a bit density per mm2 of 163.84 Kb” said Jeremy Adams, Micross Vice President of Products & Services. “The low power, infinite endurance, high performance and scalability of Avalanche’s next generation STT-MRAM technology allows Micross to continue delivering the world’s most compact and efficient, non-volatile hi-reliability memory solutions for the aerospace and space industries.”