Omega Optical acquires Rugate Technology to expand thin film capabilities

Omega Optical has announced its acquisition of Rugate Technology, an R&D company focused on the design, process development, and manufacturing of optical thin films.

Formed in 1996, Rugate Technologies has expertise in the fabrication of narrow-notch IR filters, dual-band IR coatings and spectral control filters for high-efficiency thermophotovoltaic devices.

As part of the acquisition, Rugate Technologies co-founder Thomas D. Rahmlow Jr. has joined Omega Optical in the role of senior scientist, bringing 30 years of experience in thin-film coating design and fabrication to Omega’s engineering team. Omega also added an E-Beam/Ion-Assist coating chamber specifically configured to midwave-infrared and longwave-infrared coatings.

Omega Optical manufactures custom thin-film interference filters and coatings from UV to far-infrared, including coatings on fiber tips, for biomedical, defense, aerospace, astronomy, industrial and commercial applications.