Piaggio: sales begin of the Vespa Elettrica, the vespa scooter set to change the future of electric mobility on two wheels

Starting from , as the online booking campaign for the Vespa Elettrica gets underway, mobility in general, and electric mobility in particular, will never be the same again. Customers can secure the privilege of being one of the very first owners of the green version of the iconic scooter of the Piaggio (PIA.MI).

Widescale marketing of the Vespa Elettrica through the Piaggio dealer network will commence in November to coincide with the EICMA 2018 motorcycle show in Milan. Sales will begin in Europe, to then be extended to the USA and Asia at the start of 2019.

Vespa Yole

The Vespa Elettrica is a contemporary icon of Italian technology in the world, a synonym for advanced connectivity and silence, personalisation and accessibility, respect for the environment and style. These values have always characterised the Vespa and are fully implemented again in the Vespa Elettrica, confirming Vespa as a pioneering brand on its market.

With a power unit delivering top power of 4 kW, the Vespa Elettrica, assisted by the dynamic performance typical of electric engines, outshines a traditional 50ccscooter, particularly as regards acceleration and hill starts.

It guarantees easy, agile and enjoyable riding on city roads, even at the very low speeds of congested urban traffic, with the added benefits of absolute silence and absence of vibrations, helping to make cities less chaotic and more livable by avoiding both air and acoustic pollution.

The Vespa Elettrica has a maximum range of 100 km, a value that changes little between urban and extra-urban environments thanks to the scooter’s modern lithium ion battery and efficient kinetic energy recovery system, which recharges the battery during deceleration. To recharge the battery the rider simply plugs the cable located in the compartment below the saddle into a normal electric wall socket or into one of the recharging points that are becoming a common sight in cities. A complete recharge normally takes 4 hours.

The Vespa Elettrica is available in the main Eurozone countries at a price of € 6,390 or, alternatively, through a new purchasing solution based on € 991 easy monthly payments. With the addition of a small down payment, the monthly instalment also includes Vespa Care, a package providing planned vehicle services maintenance (36 months or 10,000 km), a 12-month warranty extension, a regular battery check and road assistance enhanced with special services.

These financial packages have been created and developed by Piaggio Financial Services, the Piaggio new financial platform developed in line with the Group vocation for innovation and constant attention to changing customer needs, which is making its debut with the launch of the Vespa Elettrica.

Piaggio Financial Services is a system of services dedicated to customers, which offers, through partnerships with market players, a broad range of financial products to meet any purchasing requirement, so that customers may tailor the solution that best suits them: from traditional hire-purchase finance to formulas where payments can be adjusted to specific needs, as well as all-inclusive solutions for a monthly fee which, in addition to purchase of the vehicle by instalments, can provides a variety of insurance covers, regular servicing, a warranty extension and accessories.

It is no coincidence that a two-wheeler as innovative and sustainable as the Vespa Elettrica is the first Piaggio vehicle that can be purchased with Piaggio Financial Services solutions. As from 2019 the new financial services will be extended to all vehicles: Piaggio scooters, the full Vespa, Moto Guzzi, Aprilia, Derbi and Gilera ranges, and the commercial vehicles