Robert Bosch venture capital joins Garvis’ 3.5 million euro seed round

Breakthrough bionic AI platform to strengthen supply chain resilience

• RBVC joins the 3.5 million euro seed round led by UK-based SuperSeed to accelerate the company’s growth.

• Paradigm shift towards man-machine collaboration results in lower implementation time, less costs, and reduced forecast error.

• RBVC Managing Director Dr. Ingo Ramesohl: “Garvis’ unique AI-based solution enables businesses worldwide to substantially strengthen their supply chain resilience and to improve prediction of fluctuating sales and working capital needs.”

Robert Bosch Venture Capital (RBVC), the corporate venture capital company of the Bosch, has completed an investment in Garvis AI Ltd., based out of Antwerp, Belgium, a rapidly growing global provider of bionic Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to optimize supply chain management. The company’s platform provides transparent, explainable insights and predictions of demand patterns for various industries such as automotive, semiconductor, retail, and food & beverage, among others. Making predictions is essential to business yet is increasingly difficult to do, from sourcing raw materials to manufacturing to customer deliveries. Several global upheavals are making supply chains and customer buying behavior much harder to anticipate and fluctuate so much that traditional planning methods are no longer sufficient. “Garvis is a key enabler to strengthen companies’ resilience of global supply chains through forecast fluctuating sales and working capital needs for companies worldwide”, says Dr. Ingo Ramesohl, Managing Director of Robert Bosch Venture Capital. “Bosch has started to work with Garvis in several regions. The investment in Garvis adds another company in the AI and Software domain to our portfolio of innovative start-ups. Above all, Bosch offers access to broad expertise and worldwide industry knowledge gained from more than 130 years of business activity.”

Bionic interface as key enabler

Garvis’ technology combines access to real-time data with a user-trainable, transparent AI that empowers planners to create the best possible demand plans of the future. It uses a white-box, explainable AI approach to respond to and explain global fluctuations in buying behavior. Unexpected changes in demand patterns are recognized early, allowing planners to immediately adjust their forecasts and keep schedules up to date. “With Garvis, the planner stays central,” emphasizes founder and CEO Piet Buyck. “The planner communicates directly through Artificial Intelligence with what we call a bionic interface. Thanks to an accumulation of experience, Garvis can automatically convert real-time data into highly accurate plans. Businesses can optimize their inventories, use available materials more efficiently, and ensure better customer service.” One unique feature: go-live takes only one day. The platform Garvis developed maps relevant environmental factors. Garvis works with the University of Antwerp to continuously optimize the predictive algorithms.

Accelerate the growth path

The financing round is led by Super Seed, and Robert Bosch Venture Capital joins together with Scalebridge Capital. With the new capital injection, Garvis aims to further internationalize and democratize the AI platform in order to accelerate the growth path it follows since launch of the platform one year ago. Garvis’ has already more than 50 customers and is growing fast.