Rosen Aviation strikes IFE semiconductor deal with Qualcomm

Rosen Aviation, an IFE and cabin electronics supplier, has announced a collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, an semiconductor manufacturer. The deal will enable Rosen Aviation to use Qualcomm’s QCS8550 processors in its cabin technology, to bring a higher level of performance and functionality to business, VIP, and commercial aviation cabins.

Rosen Aviation says the processors will enable several enhancements, including improved picture quality and rendering capabilities, smart functions, and dynamic system architectures, as well as ‘significantly’ reducing the power consumption and weight of its IFE displays and other cabin technologies. The company is currently developing a product line of next-generation IFE displays with advanced processing, connectivity and networking capabilities.

Lee Clark, senior vice-president of strategy at Rosen Aviation said of the collaboration: “We knew the direction we needed to head in – we simply didn’t have the right tools or the right collaborator to get us there as quickly as we wanted. Now, through support and collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies, we are not only going to exceed our own expectations from a capability standpoint, but time to market as well. We’ve already begun developing the next-generation hardware and software, and have radical approaches to IFE system architecture that will ultimately change what’s possible in an aircraft cabin.”