Siemens and Northvolt partner in next generation lithium-ion battery cell production

Siemens to offer Northvolt it is Digital Enterprise portfolio that enables the digitization of the entire value chain – from the design of the battery cell to production and services.Siemens will support the technology partnership through an investment of EUR 10 million. After production start, Northvolt will become a preferred supplier for lithium-ion batteries for Siemens.Siemens and Northvolt announced a partnership for the development of bestin-class technology to produce high-quality, green lithium-ion batteries.

The partnership, which will be supported by Siemens through an investment of EUR 10 million, also includes the supply of lithium-ion batteries. To mitigate the effects of climate change, Europe is accelerating its transition to renewable energies. Electrification and an increased use of batteries is one of the cornerstones of this transition, enabling the large-scale conversion to sustainable transportation as well as a deep integration of renewable sources in the energy mix. With limited current and planned capacity in place, Europe is now facing a battery deficit of within the next few years. “We are happy to support Northvolt in building the battery factory of the future. With our Digital Enterprise portfolio, we contribute to a competitive battery cell production in Europe that fully exploits the benefits of software and automation: greater flexibility, efficiency and quality with shorter time to market”, said Jan Mrosik, CEO of Siemens Digital Factory Division.