SiFotonics sampling industry first 100G ER1 transceivers

Industry first 100G ER1 Transceiver extends 100G PAM4 technology up to 30km reach for data center and 5G optical networking applications.

SiFotonics Technologies a pioneer and global leader in optical networking solutions based on silicon photonics integrated circuits and components, announced engineering sampling of industry first 100G ER1 SFP56-DD optical transceivers specified by tier-one customers, which will be used for high density switch and router applications supporting cloud data center interconnects (DCIs) and 5G optical transports.

The 100G ER1 SFP56-DD is a cumulation of several industry firsts, including:

  • Industry first 100G extended reach product (>30km) based on 100G PAM4 technology
  • Industry first high sensitivity 53Gbaud Ge/Si APD receiver supporting 100G Lambda MSA 100G ER1 standard specification, supported by 45 industry companies
  • Industry first small form-factor pluggable (SFP) transceiver supporting extended reach 100G applications to enable full range of transmission distance from 2km to 30km

SiFotonics team had been working with industry leaders on promoting 100G PAM4 technologies for broad optical networking applications. This new line of 100G extended reach products expanded 100G PAM4 technology from short reach deployment for hyper data centers to extended reach optical networking, including data center interconnect, 5G fronthaul and backhaul applications,” said Dr. Rang-Chen Yu, Sr. Vice President of SiFotonics, “The new 100G ER1 SFP56-DD product complies with recently released specification by 100G Lambda MSA, supports industry roadmap towards higher speed electrical interface, smaller form factor, lower power, and presents compelling economical solutions. We will also continue industry collaboration on releasing new 400G ER4 standard.”

We have successfully deployed over 10 million of 25G Ge/Si photodetectors to the 5G and data center markets and the new released 53GBaud Ge/Si APD receiver is one of the key enablers for new extended reach 100G and 400G solutions. This new line of extended reach 100G transceivers will help to prompt our maturing silicon photonics direct detection technologies into new applications besides our coherent detection technologies,” further added by Dr. Dong Pan, Founder and CEO of SiFotonics.