Skyworth introduces BOE’s prototype OLED TV

Skyworth has joined forces with BOE, to announce a prototype TV that uses BOE’s OLED panels.  BOE Technology, Hisilicon and Skyworth unveiled China’s first OLED TV equipped with locally made panels.

The new TV’s OLED panels were produced at BOE’s 8.5-generation panel production line in China. Previously, LG Display produced all OLED panels. Skyworth’s commercial OLED TVs use LG Display’s panels, which allowed Skyworth to capture a 64% share in China’s OLED TV market. When in production, which is expected next year, it will be the 1st OLED TV to use a non-LG Display panel.  The prototype TVs have known problems and it is possible that the announcement was made to satisfy government contracts and expectations. While Skyworth has been using LG Display’s OLED panels for previous models, an announcement concerning the partnership of the two Chinese CE giants, indicating their desire to challenge leader LG in China and Europe is expected.  Skyworth bought German high-end TV producer Metz last July, which had filed for bankruptcy in November 2014, after a year working together to develop both a broader TV line and expanding Metz into appliances.

Skyworth and BOE Introduce OLED TV

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Attempting to become the major player in the display industry, the Chinese government has pushed its panel makers to increase capacity and as a result they dominate the 32” TV panel market (the size with the biggest share in 2015) for the last two years, causing other producers to drop out of the category, including Samsung, which uses BOE as a supplier for 32” panels.  BOE currently generates ~12% of worldwide display area, and with the projects under construction, are expected that to reach ~14% by the end of 2018.  BOE is also constructing three OLED Gen 6 fabs along with an existing Gen 5.5 OLED pilot line, making it one of only a few potential large-panel OLED suppliers that could compete with LG and Samsung.

Skyworth TV Sales

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