Telcodium and Transphorm introduce first GaN-based redundant power supplies

AC Series replaces three-module power supply architecture with single power module with redundant AC feeds.Telcodium, a power supply design company, in collaboration with Transphorm, a GaN device maker, has released what is claimed to be the first redundant power supplies using GaN FETs.

Telcodium’s AC Series replaces a typical three-module power supply architecture (two power supply bricks and one intermediate bus converter (IBC)) with a single power module with redundant AC feeds.

Telcodium’s power module operates at 94 percent True System Efficiency (TSE) or higher-reducing average energy loss by 13 percent or more. To achieve the same TSE with the typical three-module power supply, the bricks and IBC would each need to yield a 97 percent efficiency-which exceeds the 80Plus Titanium specification and has yet to be demonstrated by any power supply manufacturer.

Telecodium Gan Yole

Further, the new lightweight (1.3kg) module is at 260 x 100 x 40mm, 30 percent smaller than the above mentioned two bricks and eliminates the standalone IBC-freeing considerable, critical space inside a host system.This design pairs patented front-end circuitry with a JEDEC-qualified 650V GaN FET, available from Transphorm.

The resulting AC Series enables datacentre, server and telecommunication manufacturers to develop smaller, high-performing systems that can virtually eliminate power supply-related failures.