The US DoE invests in four OLED research projects

The US Department of Energy (US DoE) announced funding for several new efficient-lighting R&D projects. The DoE will invest more than $10.5 million and will make a cost-share contribution for a total public-private investment of over $13.5 million in 9 different projects.

Our of these projects, four are for OLED lighting.

Iowa State University – Demonstrating a method to significantly increase the light output of white OLEDs by changing their internal features

North Carolina State University – Developing a way to get more light out of OLEDs using low-cost corrugated substrates

Pennsylvania State University – Developing a way to better understand and predict the occurrence of short circuits in OLED lighting panels in order to reduce failure rates

University of Michigan – Developing three innovative methods to harness the light within OLEDs.